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Em Brookshire

Emy Brookshire is a contemporary Fine Artist and Writer. Although newer to the avenue of “professional” art and writing. Em has been pouring her heart out on canvas and keyboard for as many years as she can remember. Em and her partner CK Mackie are making their living as a full time fine art, writing, and sculpting team. They have written and illustrated multiple books now, the first of which is pending publication currently. Em has also completed a book of poetry and writes about health, wellness, weight loss, healing and spiritual principles that she has learned and adopted in her own journey to health. 

Em does most of her work using a mix of media, often acrylic and charcoal or pen and ink combined into a single piece. Em’s art, writing and life are all inspired by her quest for love in its highest. This includes self love, love from spirit, love for the world and animals and the beautiful expression of physical love. She finds figures and the dance of bodies and souls in love and intertwined as a never ending source of inspiration and beauty. In a world filled with the grotesque over exposure of sexual violence, distortion, manipulation, gender roles, self hatred, and inequality of every kind, Emy believes deeply that our world today needs to see and read reminders of the unmatchable beauty and purity of love in its fullest expression. It is because of this self evident truth Em unapologetically writes and paints of the beauty she sees and shares it with the world. She now lives and works out of her home studio, metal shop, and living gallery in Rocklin California.