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Em Brookshire

Emy Brookshire is a contemporary Fine Artist and Writer. Although newer to the avenue of “professional” art and writing. Em has been pouring her heart out on canvas and keyboard for as many years as she can remember. Em and her partner CK Mackie are making their living as a full time fine art, writing, and sculpting team. They have written and illustrated multiple books now, the first of which is pending publication currently. Em has also completed a book of poetry and writes about health, wellness, weight loss, healing and spiritual principles that she has learned and adopted in her own journey to health. 

Em does most of her work using a mix of media, often acrylic and charcoal or pen and ink combined into a single piece. Em’s art, writing and life are all inspired by her quest for love in its highest. This includes self love, love from spirit, love for the world and animals and the beautiful expression of physical love. She finds figures and the dance of bodies and souls in love and intertwined as a never ending source of inspiration and beauty. In a world filled with the grotesque over exposure of sexual violence, distortion, manipulation, gender roles, self hatred, and inequality of every kind, Emy believes deeply that our world today needs to see and read reminders of the unmatchable beauty and purity of love in its fullest expression. It is because of this self evident truth Em unapologetically writes and paints of the beauty she sees and shares it with the world. She now lives and works out of her home studio, metal shop, and living gallery in Rocklin California.


In utter darkness I stood. 

Alone, only able to feel the the dense emptiness around me. 

With wide eyes, I searched frantically for someone else to bring me the light I craved,

but my eyes found nothing but the blackness of pitch.

Trembling I forced my eyelids shut. 









Suddenly a spark. 

A point of light so distance it can not be defined.

I quickly open my eyes and look about me, the light is gone. 

I close them tight, the light is within.

The light is within.

With that very thought the light expands.

I am creating light.

It grows again. 

Suddenly orbs of glowing lights surround me. 

Thousands of stars lucent into the expanding space.

In gratitude and reverence for what is glowing within, a blazing light of creative thought erupts, spiraling outward into the void. 

No longer dark, never alone, no more trembling. 

It is in the brilliant light of my Illumination I stand.

Creator of the light.


Written By: Em Brookshire

Painting By: CK Mackie

'Gaurdian & The Seeker'

There was a soul, a seeker, 

a nomad without a land.


Through many years he'd walk an arid landscape. 

From the point the sun rose on his back, until the time it kissed the land before him he'd plod on.

Powerful breezes would sweep beneath him helping his weary legs carry forward, the cooling wind drying the sweat from his brow. Pools of deep waters would appear around bends to quench his building thirst.

He felt lost, he felt alone.


Countless nights he walked across the barren skyline, eyes fixed to the kind grin of a smiling moon, a blanket of stars draped around his shoulders, a gentle light illuminated each foot fall. 

He felt lost, he felt alone.


He traversed over lonely mountains and valleys, deserts and forests. Canopies of trees reaching over him softened the harsh light of day, soft beds of leaves and grassy meadows cushioned his steps waiting to give him rest.

He felt lost, he felt alone.


One desolate day, wandering yet another horizon, 

new underfoot but familiar in its seclusion.

A biting wind came up. A squall, a painful torrent of rain and hail pelted down upon his body.  He tried to move forward but was blinded by the downpour, there was no sun to warm him, no trees for protection, no stars to guide.

He was lost, he was alone.


In complete surrender, without a shred of hope remaining.

He called out to the nothing, he sobbed his tears to no one. 

“I need you…”

As the words fell from his lips, at the very instant that cry burst forth from his heart, the raging storm around him silenced, the wind became still.


That lonely seeker looked up to see the face of The Guardian.

Knowing then, he was never lost,

He was never alone.

Written By: Em Brookshire

Painting By: CK Mackie